You are bidding on an original M-72 Sidecar from the Military Motorcycle Ural!

Based on BMW R-71, the pre-WWII model, the Soviet heavy motorcycle model M-72 was produced from 1941 to the mid-1950s. The design work was commenced in 1939 when the Soviet government, alarmed with Hitler’s ambitions of re-expanding German-controlled territory, started its rearmament program for the Red Army. Germans already had their successes in designing heavy motorcycles, so a decision was made to “adopt” a relevant German technological solution to save time.

V. M. Molotov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, arranged for a secret purchase of five BMW R-71 motorcycles in Sweden, after which Soviet designers immediately started their work. By the spring of 1941, the production of the model under the label M-72 was launched at the Moscow Motorcycle Plant (MMZ). Under cooperation agreements, the ZiS, a Moscow automobile plant, developed the documentation. It delivered engines for the motorcycle, while the KIM (today, the AZLK Automobile Plant, also in Moscow) provided gearboxes. The GAZ, the Gorky Automobile Plant, produced the cardan shaft and the sidecar. The Moscow Bicycle Plant produced these motorcycles until 1951. The second production base was launched at a Kharkiv plant, and it was getting engines from the Kyiv Plant of Medical Instrumentation. In Leningrad, the Krasny Oktyabr [Red October] plant also took up the production of the M-72. After February 1942, M-72 motorcycles were being manufactured in Irbit (see Irbit Motorcycle Plant) since equipment and machinery from the MMZ, KiM, ATE-1, as well as the motor shop from the ZiS, were evacuated. Main Design Bureau also was relocated from Moscow to Irbit. It was headed by Aleksandr Minovich Fyodorov, while I.I. Okunev, N.A.Kukin and V.V.Bekman were among their designers, and S.I. Karzinkin and B.V. Zefirov were their test drivers.

This auction includes everything you see in the photos (sidecar, seats, wheel, Brand New tire, Brand New rain cover, lights, etc.)

This old sidecar is in excellent condition! Sidecar was refurbished and repainted.

This sidecar is compatible with such motorcycles as BMW, Triumph, Ural, Harley Davidson, etc. Certain types of mounting hardware are necessary depending on your motorcycle type.

Don't miss your chance to buy a Very Rare, original sidecar for a reasonable price!

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We guarantee that if you buy a sidecar in our shop, you will get it in a “safe & sound” condition.

This sidecar is located in Ukraine, and it is ready for transportation.


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Rare Original Sidecar Ural M-72 from Military Motorcycle Ural made in USSR Compatible with BMW R-71, Harley Davidson, Dnepr

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